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Naturopathic medicine is a field of primary health care that incorporates the art and science of healing.  Naturopathic Doctors attend post-graduate medical schools where they are trained in clinical and medical sciences and examinations.  However, instead of relying on drugs and surgery we treat using natural methods.   In addition to being a naturopathic physician I am a certified nutrition specialist, a hypnotist and hold a master’s in public health from hamburg, Germany.


About Naturopathic Medicine
General Philosophy Identify the root cause of illness and focus on prevention and cure.
Education and training 4 year post graduate private medical school. Standardized licensing exams. Extra training and specialties differ among practitioners.
Treatment approaches A wide range of individualized treatments using diet, nutrition, botanicals, homeopathy, mind-body and functional medicine.
Diagnosis Evidenced based pathology and diagnosis combined with eastern  assessment and diagnosis.
Testing Review blood and imaging reports. In house antioxidant testing.
Government and Insurance No insurance coverage in NY. In New York www.nyanp.org for more information or www.naturopathic.org in the USA.
Time with patients 90 minute initial visit and 30-60 minute follow ups offer patient time to talk and discuss with the doctor.
Unique experience Naturopathic Medicine offers an alternative to drug and surgery-based healthcare.

For the Introductory visit, I offer:

  • An intial Health Intake and Vitamin/Mineral Appraisal
  • Diet and Nutrition Counseling
  • Antioxidant testing
  • Herbs and Botanical Medicine
  • Homeopathy
  • Functional Medicine
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Blood work review
  • Drug-Nutrient Interactions
  • Mind-Body Medicine
  • Eating for Meaning (Hypnosis based nutritional coaching- 4 week session)
  • Hypnosis

An Initial Appointment is 1.5 hours and includes everything above,

PLUS it includes a full year of my Virtual Membership program where you have access to a mini, virtual consult with me each month.  When you are enrolled in my Virtual Membership Program you will also receive my blog, podcasts, radio, videos first as well as access to Eating for Meaning promotions and other specials.

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Have you ever had a doctor that you can call up or email and receive and expert, well-defined piece of advice within a 24-hour period, and have as many questions asked as you wish?

As a patient of mine, you will receive

  • One on one naturopathic medicine, mind-body medicine and holistic nutrition- inside or outside the clinic environment
  • ongoing support from me and my health coach team, on ALL your natural health care needs.
  • honest expectations of how long it takes to resolve an issue using natural means.
  • pros and cons of different treatment options
  • gaps of care FILLED.  Pieces of the health puzzle that have been missing will be neutralized.
  • honest feed back on blood work, various treatment options, lab reports
  • attention to weiht loss, diet, lifestyle, nutrition that’s best suited for you
  • holistic nutrition. I will offer expert, agenda-free information on your blood work results, your diet, your run-ins with various health care providers


Either in NY or abroad, we have solutions for you!  We provide health solutions straight to your inbox.



Have you been a patient in the past? Have you been missing what I offer you, while I have been travelling around the world learning new skills and developing my unique and specialized methods?

I welcome you back to my care.  Take this time to say hello, reconnect with me with virtual healthcare.

Become a Patient Again! 

Different levels of care provide options for varying levels of need and income.  

I always take your pocket book into account and believe everyone have access to Naturopathic Medicine. You have access to a mini, virtual, one-on-one session with me monthly with this option:  If you’d like a Basic Virtual Membership Apply here:

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