Eating for Meaning©

My Name is Dr. Millie. I am the founder of a completely different nutrition program called Eating for Meaning©  .

If you are interested in changing your relationship to food, feel that your health programs are food and lifestyle related but not quite sure what to do about it then consider Eating for Meaning©

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What is Eating for Meaning ?

Eating for Meaning© is a nutrition program addressing the prevention and treatment of chronic disease. After working in health and nutrition for over 20 years I understand why diets fail, are limiting and uninspiring, because the whole concept of the diet is flawed, and designed to be temporary.  Thus it keep you on a roller coaster ride, while your metabolism and mood suffer. Sure you lose the weight, but it comes back and then some. Plus diets, don’t get to the root cause of your health issues in the first place.

That’s why I designed Eating for Meaning

Eating for Meaning © is more than a weight loss program and you don’t even have to lose weight at all. It will help you achieve all your personal nutrition goals, even while you sleep:

    • Unlock your unconscious beliefs about food and your body’s metabolismhalf quarter quarter


  • Make nutritional changes at your own pace
  • Professional dietary supplement support to support and heal your body and break the cycles are compounded for your individual health needs
  • Learn from a proven EXPERT for a whole year
  • Gain new knowledge on how to use and prepare new foods
  • Debunk those silly food myths

Food myth number 1:

Egg whites are better than a whole egg.

Answer: NO!  Egg whites are allergenic, create inflammation and nutrient deficiencies. No wonder they are not satisfying either! Eggs need to be eaten in their whole form, like most foods!  IF you have high cholesterol eat fewer of them, and ALWAYS make sure they are from a transition or organic farm.


What else can Eating for Meaning©do for you?

  • Become tuned in to your body’s natural appetite and food sensitivities
  • Reprogram your core beliefs through guilt-free, self-exploration exercises
  • Learn which foods and eating patterns are your medicine and which are your poison
  • Transform genetic susceptibility to chronic illness for yourself and your children
  • Relax through the healing capabilities of hypnosis
  • Learn to forgive yourself

This year-long program will teach you how to eat gradually and keep your diet on track as you slowly and safely lose weight, fix your digestion, improve your health, reduce inflammation and right before your eyes allow your body to heal itself.


  • Soothing hypnosis
  • Exercise work book including instructions on how to create simple, healthy and nutritious meals while debunking the myths of nutrition.
  • Individualized Nutritional Guidance
  • Group Support
  • Includes Eating for Meaning supplements formulated especially for you by Dr. Millie Lytle, ND, CNS

Try the first month for $119.99  after that you pay only $179.99 USD/month (includes 2 all natural

Eating for Meaning supplements especially for you by Dr. Millie)


But wait! Save $300 when you purchase in one payment $1799.99


Here is a little sample of recipes you will learn about on the Eating for Meaning Program

Organic Liquid Lunch

Health Tip: When juicing, only use organic ingredients, otherwise pesticides are concentrated in your juice.

You will love this creamy, tangy recipe:

1/3 cup fresh carrot or apple juice as the base (if you don’t have your own juicer, use water, green tea or coconut water)

Add rest of ingredients into blender:

1/2 avocadoimages

1/2 lemon

1 apple, cored

1/2 peeled cucumber

1 large handful of sunflower sprouts (could also use pea shoots, bean sprouts or alfalfa sprouts)

optional ingredient 1: 1 teaspoon spirulina or chlorella

Optional ingredient 2: 1 scoop all natural protein powder (whey, hemp, brown rice or sprouted soy)


If you are looking for something a little more efficient, try Eating for Meaning Crash Course

The Eating for Meaning Crash Course Program offers this material in 4 sessions so you don’t have to wait to receive the info.  Plus it’s in person or over podcast so you have the benefits of hearing me speak directly you, nutrition under hypnosis.

You will receive TOOLS and SUPPORT:

  • Soothing hypnosis sessions
  • Exercise work book
  • Individualized Nutritional Guidance
  • Group Support
  • Includes Eating for Meaning supplements formulated especially for you by Dr. Millie

4×1 hour sessions in person, over Skype or on the phone:  $697 USD (includes 1 month of supplements, after that refills are available for purchase at retail price).

 If all this sounds like too much too soon, then fill out the contact form and let me know how I can help you in an individually tailored way!